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Research Requests

Hillingdon Family History Society is willing to undertake a limited amount of investigation on behalf of its members and the public.


Local investigations involving the London Borough of Hillingdon and its nine ancient parishes will generally be restricted to the sources detailed in ‘Family History in Hillingdon’ published by the society, which is, at present,  in the process of being updated and revised. In addition, we can extend searches using the London Metropolitan Archives and the National Archives at Kew and other London record offices. We can also carry out national investigations embracing the whole of the UK as well as other countries worldwide.  


The society charges members £5.00 per hour for pursuing such enquiries, and non-members £10.00 per hour, plus the cost of any expenses necessarily incurred such as copying, postage etc.


Those who want to make use of this service should be specific as to their requirements and should indicate clearly the upper limit of expenditure they are willing to incur. It must be appreciated that in some cases an investigation may not produce any results or may result in a negative answer, and, in these cases, a charge will still have to be made.


To submit a research request, or for any advice on researching your family history, please do not hesitate to email the Society at 

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