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Whether you currently live in Hillingdon, have ancestors who lived there, or are just interested in the history of the area: everyone is welcome to join Hillingdon Family History Society. 

The benefits of membership include:

  • A copy of our quarterly journal (online members will receive PDF version)

  • Free attendance at society meetings

  • Discounted fees for personal research guidance at Hillingdon

  • Discounted fees for other research

  • Access to our website's 'Members Area', where you can access all copies of our society journal backdating to 2011, and also both historic and recent publications of the multitude of other family history societies we exchange journals with


Our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Anyone joining in October or later will receive a pro rata reduction for the current year.

To join online please click here: www.parishchest.comor you may complete the form below and send it to our Membership Secretary with your remittance. 

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